GoldTakas, because  we give importance to your assets & investments as much as you, we present you the best charming opportunities for precious metals savings that you worked hard for ages to have. According to our service manner, client’ gladness comes first!

Primarily we present the opportunity to change orders' quantity, maturity, price until it is realized. Thus, you can make buying&selling according to your own conditions.  You can give forward delivery orders with current prices on physical basis. 

Precious metals trade will be in the forms of standard weight (gr., kg., ounce), purity, bullion bars or ornament &coins;  also you will be able to give order for fine precious metals, that credited to your account after assay control.

The Turkish Mint products, ornament&republic coins; reaching completely transparent market with GOLDTAKAS, that anyone from public can use own a/c, give order for buying&selling with intended quantity and price.

Well accepted refineries' bullions and mints' products at international area as PERTH MINT (Australia) and ROYAL MINT’s (England), buying&selling is possible via GOLDTAKAS. 

At GOLDTAKAS, it will be so easy to find buyer from highest price and seller from lowest price for gold, silver, platinum, palladium or products manufactured from precious metals, ornament&republic coins.

With GOLDTAKAS precious metals banking services, you will be able to make physical transfer, delivery without risk, you can control, change and manage your weight account instantly online.

By GOLDTAKAS, you can send birth gift, marriage gift, for precious metals investment or as reward, to precious people in your life on important dates.

By using your GOLDTAKAS account, you can transfer fine gold, silver, platinum, palladium to your bank metal accounts or other's account, also you can transfer fund (TL, USD, Eur.) from your GOLDTAKAS/TROY a/c by your instructions.

All of your orders will be noticed by the buyers and sellers faster via GOLDTAKAS at Borsa İstanbul precious metals market. TR free market and International precious metals markets. Jewelry manufacturers or gold market players, investors are reaching an online system easily that presents instant transactions, physical buying&selling, hedging themselves against price risk.

You will be able to make assay or refining all over the world by choosing alternative refineries via GOLDTAKAS. 

As GOLDTAKAS, we hold all the gold, silver, platinum, palladium, ornament&coins precious metals assets at Borsa Istanbul your vault A/C or our vault / warehouses by insurance.

After buying&selling transactions of precious metals, delivery and fund payments clearing have been realizing under GOLDTAKAS/TROY responsibility. 

As GOLDTAKAS, we present an online market that all prices, quantities, maturities, realized transactions are totally transparent that individuals/corporations can open an account so easily.