At GOLDTAKAS we use our avalibility for realizing goods receptions, deliveries without any problems, and for realizing all transacitons faster, easily and secure way.

You can realize precious metals reception&deliveries at GOLDTAKAS or TROY’s Center, branches, vaults/warehouses in domestic and abroad. Please click here to reach GOLDTAKAS authorized correspondents physical delivery points.

Istanbul will be headquarter of physical reception&delivery transactions. For out of Istanbul physical delivery requests, have been realizing through GOLDTAKAS (TROY) customer representatives (+90 212 465 65 70) by confirming your instructions. 

In accordance with instructions given by our customers at GOLDTAKAS, we realize precious metals delivery to persons/corporations as secure and insured, from everywhere that GOLDTAKAS branch and correspondents located.

We realize deliveries via authorized security companies as insured and to the authorized person that our customers stated at the instruction.