At GOLDTAKAS, you can change the price, quantity, quality, maturity until precious metals buying&selling orders realized, you can give order for forward deliveries with current price levels.

For forward delivery orders, precious metals can be in the form of standard weight (gr, kg, ounce) purity, ingot and bars or ornament&coins.

In case your precious metals in non-standard ingot or bar form such as scrap, loose, plate, billet etc., after assay process, we credit fine metals to your account and we present you opportunity to give orders for the fine metals.

We set up a completely transparent market, where you can buy&sell gold, silver and Turkish Mint’s products ornament&coins for the first time, with your own price and quantity by opening an account easily.

Without taking any transport risk, you can make transfer, payment, virement of your precious metals assets or cash.
You can manage your account, follow up, move your investments as online and instant.

We realize the physical deliveries of your gold, silver, platinum palladium investments, ornament&republic coins in your account both domestic and abroad with just an instruction.

You can transfer fine gold, silver, platinum, palladium or cash (TRY, USD, EUR) from your account to your bank accounts or another.  

We provide your orders to be realized at Borsa İstanbul precious metals markets and free markets online, faster by suppliers and buyers, we give you opportunity to find and fix the price of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Ornament, Coins with alternative prices at different weights and purities. 

We present the opportunity to purchase precious metals faster also instant selling chance for jewelry manufacturers or other market players and investors. We create physical buying&selling platform that they can hedge themselves against price risks. 

We insure all the precious metals at Borsa İstanbul vault our in our vaults/warehouses. As GOLDTAKAS, after buying&selling transactions we realize metal and cash clearing under our responsibility.