GOLDTAKAS is a physical precious metals buying&selling, trading and management platform, where you can evaluate your precious metals assets, developed by Troy Precious Metals Trading Inc., for precious metals account holders..

As being seller, buyer or investor, by open an account at GOLDTAKAS/TROY you can give order or instruction to buy&sell physically precious metals, consist of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, republic coins, products of well accepted refineries, mints, in the form of gram, kilogram, bullion bar, scrap(rough), with desired price and quantity on an transparent and different markets.

At GOLDTAKAS, every transaction is realized by your order and approval.  Always, you can buy from the lowest price and sell from the highest price. All the physical deliveries and transfer are realized with insurance, under GOLDTAKAS/TROY liability.  

Via GOLDTAKAS, you can make physical transfer and delivery your gold, silver, platinum, palladium or products of these metals with your instructions. At the same time, it is possible to make fine precious metal transfer to your bank account or other persons-corporations' bank account with your instructions. Besides, assay control and refining for scrap, block dore gold with unknown purity is also in our service range.

Through our branch and correspondents in Turkey or abroad, you can manage your own account by realizing precious metals transactions in fastest way, make physical delivery, give transfer instruction.  You can receive your precious metal from our branch or agency located most of point, where is the most convenient for you.
All fund transfers or physical precious metals deliveries/ transfers as a result of buying&selling transactions, realizes via GOLDTAKAS platform, through your account at Troy Precious Metals Trading Inc.

Goldtakas is a brand of Troy Kıymetli Maden Ticareti A.S.