You can make buying&selling (Borsa Istanbul precious metals market, TR free markets and foreign precious metals markets) at GOLDTAKAS to evaluate your precious metals assets, precious metals savings and gain more strength. You can manage your own account and give order with your own price, quantity, maturity, purity..etc.

It is possible to see all orders, follow up on the market board and you can buy precious metals and products you want or enter new buying/selling order. Besides, you can give order separately and realize counter offer also. Until your orders realized, you can change the order, readjust, cancel, make it passive or make active your passive orders.

At GOLDTAKAS, you can realize your orders according to precious metals price, quantity and maturity also you can make investment as fine metal, gram, kilogram, ounce or pieces and Turkish Lira, American dollar, Euro etc. as spot or forward value date.

If you want, you can realize your transactions domestic (Borsa Istanbul precious metals market, TR free markets) or abroad precious metals markets physically.

GOLDTAKAS/TROY always will be a buyer for seller and seller for buyer!