By opening a reliable account at GOLDTAKAS/TROY, leave your savings to experienced hands.

As GOLDTAKAS we have prepared a lot of charming opportunities for our valued clients. On this platform you can evaluate your precious metals savings, raise your precious metals investments, can make clearing&custody, make buying&selling. You are just one click away to have this advantage. Only thing that you need to do is open an account. The things you need to do is so easy. We just request from you a few things.

Via GOLDTAKAS web page or via Troy Precious Metals web page, you can comprise your account online from individual application and corporate application or our client representatives will be at your service on the end of line (+90) 212 465 65 70 (3 line).

According to documents and information at your application, in case it is approved, an account number will be created for you to be active at GOLDTAKAS/TROY and will be sent to your contact address by e-mail, telephone,etc.

In case your application is approved, we create Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Kilogram, Gram republic coins&ornaments current accounts besides current accounts consist of Turkish Lira, American dollar and Euro, also we present to your service precious metals investment account where you can keep your precious metals savings in safety.

Required Documents to Open Account

For Corporations;
 Tax Certificate
 Certificate of Activity
 Signature Circular (Notarized) and Trade Registry Certificate 
 Shareholding Structure Indicating Company Partners
 Photocopy of ID or Passport of Company Partners and Authorities
 Bank Account IBAN Information of Your Institution

For Persons;
 Photocopy of ID or Passport
 Certificate of Residence (Certificate of Residence obtained from E-government or Electricity, Water, Internet etc. Invoice issued in your name)
 Personal Bank Account IBAN Information

Required documents for GOLDTAKAS printed account opening forms; 
Goldtakas Precious Metals Buying-Selling Account Opening Agreement 
Signatures specimen documents of account holders and authorized persons. 
General Information and contact details of account holder.