In case you have an account at GOLDTAKAS/TROY, you will have the chance to make physical transfer or delivery your precious metals and assets. At the same time,  you can hold your precious metals at Borsa Istanbul your vault A/C or in your current account, to make buying&selling or by holding it at precious metals investment / vault account, you can protect from risks for saving.

You can make precious metals transfer from your GOLDTAKAS/TROY account to your precious metals bank accounts with your instructions.

You can realize gold,silver, platinum and palladium physical delivery via your own GOLDTAKAS/TROY accounts easily. Further, you can realize fund transfer from your GOLDTAKAS/TROY current account with just an instruction. You can protect yourself from risks by making transfer from your current account to precious metals investment (vault) account and build up precious metals savings safely.

Via GOLDTAKAS, you can convert your cash assets to other cash currencies for making precious metals transactions, and it is possible to give order with different currencies by converting into another currency for buying/selling precious metals over again! 

You can convert your cash assets as American Dollar, Euro, Pound, Turkish Lira etc. via GOLDTAKAS. Further, according to your cash balance, you can realize the convert transactions online and yourself also. 

Via GOLDTAKAS/TROY, corporations and individuals can open gold, silver, platinum and palladium account with different purities, (gr – kg), bullion or fine metal current account, besides ornament, republic coin accounts and TRY, USD, EUR etc. cash current accounts.

If you want to make precious metals investment to prevent yourself from risks, you can also open an account for precious metals investment (vault) accounts.

Via GOLDTAKAS, by connecting to head office with your instructions, you will be able to realize precious metals physical transfer or delivery at global bank metal accounts or different corporations and locations.  In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to make fund transfer to your bank account globally by your GOLDTAKAS/TROY current account with your instructions.