As GOLDTAKAS, we continue to present charming advantages to our valued clients for their precious metals savings having after many years with hard work. We give reception&delivery service for the physical precious metals in your hand by making assay and physical controls at GOLDTAKAS/TROY Center, branches, vaults/warehouses, or authorized correspondents all over the world.

Besides, after precious metals delivered to correspondent we check the purities of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, ornament, scrap, dore, block, loose gold or ingot precious metals’ that assays unknown and refine them on behalf of you. After that process, we credit your fine precious metal account and you can trade, transfer, store your assets in your current accounts by insurance.  

Correspondents, give delivery&reception service for realized orders at GoldTakas physical precious metals trading platform and conducts all process on behalf of TROY. Through the authorized security corporations, physical delivery of precious metals are realized to determined authorized person by an instruction of account holder. 

Who is the Correspondent (Agency)?
GOLDTAKAS correspondent acts as physical reception&delivery point, for precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium) by realizing controls according to type, quantity, quality, assay and receive or deliver on behalf of GOLDTAKAS/TROY. In accordance with GOLDTAKAS system, essential technical infrastructure and other principles will be provided by the correspondent(agency) by considering Troy’s suggestions and opinions.