GOLDTAKAS is at your service with charming advantages!

Via one of the Troy Holding brands GOLDTAKAS, your precious metals savings gain value on an online platform where the prices, quantities, maturities and all realized transactions completely transparent that individiual persons and corporations can open an account and reach this market easily.

Troy Precious Metals Trading Inc., set up GOLDTAKAS for adding value to account holders' precious metals assets, developed with the frame of Treasury & Exchange Regulation, as a Physical Precious Metals buying&selling, trading and management platform.

At GOLDTAKAS, every transaction is realized with just your order and instruction. Anytime you can make selling from the highest price and buying from the lower price. Every delivery and payment clearings are realized under guarantee of GOLDTAKAS (TROY) with insurance.

As being buyer, seller or investor you can open an account at GOLDTAKAS. You can give order or instruction with any price level you want to sell your precious metal assets physically on a completely transparent market place, through licensed refineries and mints, all well accepted globally. 

Via GOLDTAKAS system, without any transport just as online you can make transfer, virement, gold, silver, platinum, palladium or manufactured products to anyone' account. At the same time, you can transfer all precious metals in fine form to your bank account or to anyone's bank metals account. Besides, we present you refining and assay service for scrap metals that purities’ unknown.

You can give physical delivery and payment order from your account in the fastest way via GOLDTAKAS’s branches or correspondents worldwide. You can receive your traded products from another branch or correspondent at different location also.

All the goods and fund clearings are realizes by Troy Precious Metals Inc. that is subsidiary of TROY HOLDING INC., established by permission of TR Treasury, subject to Treasury and Capital Market Board.