Goldtakas : Borsa Istanbul Gold Market integrated first online buying-selling platform in Turkey !

One of the most reputable precious metals brokerage company Troy Precious Metals Trading Inc. developed GOLDTAKAS by integrating with Borsa Istanbul Precious Metals Market. Troy provided Direct Access to Borsa Istanbul Precious Metals Markets and TR Free Market for all investors in Turkey and worldwide. 
Troy Clients, by creating A/C at Borsa Istanbul integrated GoldTakas, all domestic and foreing investors, directly can make physical gold, silver, platinum, palladium buying-selling. Gold Investors reached the opportunity of buying-selling with both TR Free Market and Borsa Istanbul Gold Market prices. 

One of the leading precious metal brokerage company TROY Precious Metals, in cooperation with Borsa Istanbul, brought together all individual and corporational investors that willing to make physical buying-selling throughout Turkey and all over the world with an online platfrom which Direct Access to Borsa Istanbul is possible. 
One of Troy brands GoldTakas’s Press Launch was held at GrandBazaar where gold market heart pulse, on 28 April Tuesday. Press Launch hosted by Troy Precious Metals CEO Hüseyin Çelik, Partnerships Ali Ercan Bütün and Cumhur Tasdelen and Borsa Istanbul Vice General Manager also attended.


GoldTakas Made the First In Turkey !!
Via GoldTakas, all individuals and corporations that created A/C has the opportunity to make physical Gold, Silver, Platin, Palladium buying-selling in a trustable enviroment. From Turkey or any point of the World, via with a Free A/C, investors can make buying –selling in the form of gr.,kg, ingot or bars, with the Borsa Istanbul prices that is completely transperant and liquid market. 

Possible to integrate with World Market via this online platfrom
TROY CEO, Hüseyin Celik, stated that with the developing technology and information system as in all sectors it is inascapable to make reforms regarding buying-selling processes. Because of lack of platfrom which is innovative and capable for integration with World market, they decided to create online gold and precious metals buying-selling platform GoldTakas, after 4 years regorus work. Çelik added; investors can reach from home, from work, even from mobile phones with just one click. Other important point is, investors can use directly their Vault A/C at Borsa Istanbul under their name. Whenever they want, they can get their assets physically. 

Buying-Selling with Free Market (GrandBazaar) prices
One of the oldest gold market Grandbazaar is now just one click away for international investors.

GoldTakas Giving Service with Banking Principles
Directly authorized by TR Treasury and being one of the most reputable members of Borsa Istanbul, Troy carries out a very transparent working policy from the date it established. Only needed thing is creating an A/C at Troy. There is not any extra charge for account opening apart from very nominal transaction charges.

Insured & Physical Delivery Opportunity
Troy Clients, through our correspondents in Turkey and worlwide can have physical Gold Payment & Delivery service with their accounts.

TROY CEO indicated that, Troy’s target is in the medium term, trough out Turkey and in international markets, enhance GoldTakas correspondent lines that is full integrated to financial system and set up a strong Precious Metals Bank.