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You can pick up your assets such as gold, silver platinum or palladium at any time and any quantity as much as you want through the security companies agency from the address you requested physically delivery in TR or abroad without any discrimination. 

You may prefer store your precious metal any different GOLDTAKAS vaults, Located in TR and Abroad with full coverage insurance.

You may also store your assets Goldtakas Borsa İstanbul vault under your name with Borsa İstanbul full guarantee. Trust in GOLDTAKAS.
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Do not live any assay & refining loss when you want to sell your precious metals.

Do not waste time for assaying and refining processes when you want to sell your scrap and dore precious metals gold and silver! 

We can execute these processes securely on behalf of your name without any loss of fineness through our collaborations with specialized different authorized agencies.
With GOLDTAKAS, you can sell your all kinds of precious metals assets in domestic or foreign markets with the highest price, and transfer to other corporations or persons. 

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Test the privilege of freedom to make transaction with GOLDTAKAS from anywhere 7 days 24 hours! GOLDTAKAS is with you all the time, as the closest and securest investment & trading channel where you are, at home, at work or on travel. You can manage your investment & assets, convert it into any currency, realize buying-selling and transfer processes at any time and everywhere through our internet branch that you can access with just one click.   You can execute investment & trading transactions on the same day or as forward transaction with GOLDTAKAS which makes you free from all constraints.

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